Tutorial of the Donghua University Online Judge System

1. Click the link "Login" on the navigation bar to login the system.

2. By default, your login ID and password are both your Student Number.

3. After logged in, click the link "Contest" to view all contests which you can access.

4. If the contest has begun, you can view the contest, submit your solution and view the ranklist.

5. After submitting the solution, you can click "Solution" link to find the judge result.

6. Click the link "Ranklist" to view the contest ranklists.

7. After solving a problem, you can click the button near the verdict "Accepted" to compose your report.

8. The reports will contribute to the knowledge structure analysis and present to others for mutual supervision.

9. Click the link "Knowledge Structure" inside "Ranklist" drop down menu to find the knowledge structure ranklists.

10. Click your name in the navigation bar to review your personal information, knowledge structure and solved problems.

Last modified: 2015-08-01